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Ten Fun Things to do at the Stone Mountain Park

It seems that every time we visit the Stone Mountain Park, more adventures have been added. There are so many places to explore and so much to do that one day may not be enough. The first rule is to start early – as soon as the park opens (check the schedule).

Our favorite places are

1. Geyser Towers

Geyser Towers is a place where you can get wet and climb various structures, bridges, and nets at the same time. Adults can go too!

Just do not forget closed toe shoes. Swim shoes work the best. In fact, the girls outgrew their swim shoes and we did not have any this season. Fortunately, there is a swim shoe stand right next to the Geyser Towers. So, they both got a pair. One purple and one pink pair.


Net bridges: 

 2. The Great Barn is this awesome place where you can go whenever it is raining outside or you need to seek shelter from the heat… or if you need a boost of adrenaline!

 The ultimate purpose for the kids is to collect as many foam balls as possible. Sometimes one bag is not enough. We used two or even three bags at a time.

Once you have collected enough, you can dispose of the balls in various ways. For example, by shooting balls at the people walking on the ground floor using air cannons.


3. Another place to go when it is raining is the 4D movie. However, it does rain inside since this is a true 4D theater.

 4. Ride the Ducks is a boat/bus which can go on land and in the lake. There are two major bonuses that come with the ride. The first one is a quacker whistle. The kids quacked with it non-stop. The second is that each kid gets to be a captain and actually drive the boat on their own (with a little help from the real captain).


5. Camp Highland Outpost

This adventure is hiding behind the SkyHike. The last time we were in the park, we did not even go there because we assumed the line was as long as to the SkyHike. This time we actually went behind the SkyHike and found this awesome, “no line” adventure for the kids.

Camp Highland Outpost also has rock walls to climb:

6. SkyHike was probably the most fun for us. The kids loved that and I climbed up there too! Can you see me up there in the middle right next to the two girls in pink?


 The girls were somewhat scared at first but then really enjoyed their hike in the sky.

Even the five year old went for it:

7. Do not forget to visit the Great Locomotive Chase Adventure Golf

8. The train is a lot of fun too. They now even have screens in each train car that tells you about the park.

 9. Summit Skyride is a Swiss cable car to the top of Stone Mountain. Alternatively, you can walk to the top of the mountain. Either way, the view from the top is breathtaking.

 10. And to top it all off, we all watched an all new spectacular laser show!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary admission to the park. The opinions are my own.



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