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Nursing Mother’s room at the University

I recently visited my Alma Mater – Georgia Tech. I was pleasantly surprised by a new room in the Student Center.

I noticed this sign at the door first. Could it be what I think it is? A Nursing room?

I stepped right in and found a comfortable, nicely decorated room designed for nursing Moms.

Although I am not a Georgia Tech student anymore, nor did I have kids when I was a student, it is great to know that Moms who are students now have a cozy place to pump and nurse.

I was lucky when I was nursing, working, and pumping. My workplace had a “baby room” set up for Mothers to pump. When I joined the “baby club”, the room already existed for over 10 years. It is quite small; only one person can pump at a time. We, nursing Moms, coordinated a schedule where Moms would sign up for open slots and even had an email distribution list in case someone needed to swap times.

What has been your experience with rooms for nursing and pumping at work and in public places?

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