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How to Develop Reading Habit in Children?

Browsing the Internet, watching television, gaming consoles, instant messaging – there are endless distractions available to kids these days. With so much to keep them occupied, it is becoming all the more uncommon to spot kids who are interested in reading for fun.

While there is no doubt that reading breeds smart kids, developing a reading habit in children is a challenge in itself. After all, reading won’t just happen in a day. It is a skill that needs to be nurtured by parents from the initial years of growing up of children. Once children develop their reading ability, it also makes it easy for them to grasp their subjects in school in a better manner.

Here are a few suggestions how you can make your child fond of reading:

Establish a Reading Area at Home – A comfortable and quiet area close to the collection of books is an ideal place to encourage your child to spend some time with books.

place for reading

Read Aloud to Your Child – Story telling session can be  a lot of fun for children, especially if you could enact a few portions of the book and vary your tone and expressions accordingly to make the experience more lively for them. Sometimes creating a dramatic display of the story by touching up with a few beauty products India or by wearing Halloween wigs, if you have any stacked up at home, to pose as a character from the book, can also work wonders. This is a great way to arouse interest of children in reading, even when they haven’t started reading themselves.

kids in wigs

Buy Books Together – Let your children choose the books that they wish to read. Do not fret over the fact that they choose books that are too easy for them. Let them buy books they enjoy reading, at least this would enhance their comprehension and fluency. Your only goal should be to make them develop a liking for reading. Gradually, they will begin to pick difficult books themselves. Be patient and never criticize their choice.

Choose Great Literature – Selection of a wrong book at the initial stage can sometimes mar the interest of children in reading. Give your child a choice of various popular books from children’s literature and let them pick the one they want to read.

Get them books that relate to hobbies and interests of your child. Books become all the more meaningful when there is a personal connection to it. You can also vary in different genres, ranging from non-fiction, fiction, mystery, graphic novels, fairy tales, and others.

Getting your child started on the first book of a children’s book series is also a great idea. If they like the first one, they may even want to read the other books of the series. 

One thing that you must keep in check is, pressurizing and nagging your child to read. This will only make them resist reading.  Be sure to encourage him gently.

Although it is difficult to keep your children oblivious of all the technical distractions that surround them, inculcating a reading habit in them from the start can make them willingly resort to their favourite books rather than a gaming console or TV in their free time.

Brenda Lyttle is a freelance writer and a work-at-home mom who loves trying out new ways to enhance the skills of her 3-year old daughter and keeps her occupied in fun yet productive activities all day long. She commands an authority in writing on parenting, healthy living, best wrinkle cream, and other related topics.

How do you Develop Reading Habits in Children?

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