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How to get best deals online


            Doesn’t it seem IMPOSSIBLE to shop at brick-and-mortar stores with small children, especially bargain shopping?  Why is that?  Any time a mom goes shopping with her children, she is risking a meltdown—an arms flailing, legs kicking, mouth wailing meltdown.  Bargain shopping, particularly good bargain shopping, takes time, so bargain shopping increases this meltdown risk.  I know some of you are going to be skeptical, but I have a recommendation to solve your problems: online shopping.

            Online shopping means that you don’t have to take your kids shopping; just wait until they go to bed, grab a cup of coffee, and shop until you drop.  My one warning, however, is to not spend too much time online bargain shopping.  After all, it’s easy to get sucked into bargainmania, subscribe to dozens of online newsletters, and become addicted (and I mean addicted!) to online bargain shopping.  You still have to have some time to spend with those arms flailing, legs kicking, and mouths wailing kids, after all. 

            Austin natives Dustin and Sharon DeVries realized these issues: the difficulty of shopping with children yet the time consumption of online bargain shopping.  Thus was born Bargain Jill, their solution to this problem.

            Bargain Jill is a one-stop-shop that compiles deals, coupons, and storewide sales on brand-name women’s items: women’s clothing and accessories, beauty products, home and garden items, and children’s items.  Basically, visiting Bargain Jill is like having a personal shopper who makes it easy for you to save as much money as possible on all of the items you need.

            Bargain Jill’s number one priority is to save customers money and time, so the site is very user-friendly.  Visitors can organize the deals by deal type, item type, recentness, vendor store, and more:


If a user wants to, she can search for a specific item in the search bar on the left, and if Bargain Jill doesn’t have the item, the site will display Price Grabber store listings and price comparisons.  Bargain Jill is a mom-and-pop endeavor, so they only include the absolute best bargains.


Bargain Jill has an active social media presence, particularly its Twitter and Newsletter, so subscribers can have bargain alerts sent to them. Ladies, here is your solution to your shopping woe: Bargain Jill.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post

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