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Product by Product to Real Food. Series. Part 2 (Bread)

Where I continue talking about buying safe food…

Bread should be

Free of Mono- and diglycerides. Manufactures found a way to add trans fats to food without adding hydrogenated oils. Since mono glycerides will turn into fat only after they are absorbed by the body, manufacturers can freely indicate a zero trans fat on their labels.

Corn syrup free. Why does even bread have to have corn syrup?

Whole wheat. It is rarely hundred percent whole wheat. Even some whole grain is better than none.

Preservatives free: no such additives as

    – Propylene Glycol, which is a petroleum derivative that acts as a solvent

    – Methyl Paraben – we all try to make sure that our shampoo is paraben free. Do we really need paraben in our bread?

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to read the labels at least on bread and milk?

There are a few kinds of bread in the bakery section that are free of these food additives. Maybe a couple in the bread aisle. Or we can always make the bread ourselves with or without a bread machine…

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