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Earn money for your school by purchasing RazerDeals

RazerDeals  is similar to groupon or living social in that you can get daily deals. The difference is that RazerDeals  donates 25% to the school of your choice.

That’s Right! Several local schools in Cobb County have earned over $1000 from RazerDeals since school started. You can too!!! In fact, you can earn over $500-1000 in just the first 30 days for your school.

If someone purchases a $10 deal, then $2.50 goes to the school. This is a free program for the schools.

You can even see on your personalized page how much money was earned for your school.

Promotion #1:

All you have to do is get your parents to subscribe to RazerDeals. Your school will receive $1 PLUS the parent will receive $5 in their account to spend as they wish on any current deal.

Promotion #2:

Through the end of November, you can purchase $20 in credits for just $10. These credits can be used to purchase any deal, any time. Spend $100 get $200 in credits! There is no bank around that will allow you to double your investment in a single moment. Did I forget to mention, that for every $10 spent on this promotion, your school gets $2?

RazerDeals is ….

FREE for your school to participate!

No Selling!

No Collecting!

Receive donations year-round!

Donations paid monthly!

What is RazerDeals?

RazerDeals is like Groupon or Living Social in that we offer daily deals up to 90% off Restaurants, Entertainment and Services, but with a HUGE DIFFERNCE. We donate a percentage of every deal back to the school of the purchaser’s choice.

How much money do you give back to the Schools?

RazerDeals donates 25% of the sale price to local schools at no cost to the business owner. There are no “if’s”, “ands” or “but’s” with RazerDeals, if a deal is purchased for $10, then $2.50 goes to the school of the purchasers choice.

Why RazerDeals? It’s a No Brainer!!!   WIN! WIN! WIN!

Businesses WIN!: Brand Awareness, Increased Traffic, Increased Sales, New Customers, and a Tax Write Off!!

Customers WIN!: Save up to 90% off Restaurants, Entertainment and Shopping!!

Schools WIN!: Schools earn much needed donations!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post

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