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Kids Cooking party

We had a cooking party for little kids (and their moms, of course).  I used balloon for decorations. I love the festive look of balloons, plus it is easy to choose the color scheme fitting the party. Our party was dedicated to making and tasting entrees, which incorporate Chef Boyardee ingredients. Chef Boyardee colors are […]

Little Angels Valentines Party for kids

I never made that strawberry mousse I was planning to, but the party turned out well nevertheless. I am still planning to post the recipe, so stay tuned. My older daughter loves getting ready for parties. She set up tables for kids herself. She made crescent rolls with orange marmalade and poppy seeds. She even […]

Strawberry Mousse for a Little Angels Party

I have never hosted a Valentine Party for little kids before, but I am planning one this year. The theme of the party is Little Angels. Little Angels  is an animated DVD series and has been created for pre-school aged children to teach practical learning skills like ABCs and numbers. The hardest of planning a […]