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Five-Year-Old violinist plays Christmas songs

My Kindergartner learned some Christmas songs on her violin. She is very proud to present those to you. I just could not resist posting it here. The Elf Pajamas are so adorable that I had to dress her in those. I bought Elf Pajamas in the Crazy 8 online store but they only have Santa […]

Ten Fun Things to do at the Stone Mountain Park

It seems that every time we visit the Stone Mountain Park, more adventures have been added. There are so many places to explore and so much to do that one day may not be enough. The first rule is to start early – as soon as the park opens (check the schedule). Our favorite places […]

A cow attack

The idea was for Daddy to take Svetlana to a field trip. It looked like they were having fun based on the pictures I was getting. The goats got fed. The chicken got fed Even the cows got fed Then they got on the hay ride. She looked around and made  herself comfortable on the hay […]

Kids can stand at the counter safely with @LearningTower

My kids love to stand at the counter helping me cook, but I was always afraid that they will fall off the chairs. Especially when one leans over the counter and the other pulls the chair away. They have done it quite a few times. Not necessarily with an intention to have the sister fall […]

Polly Pocket toys inspire kids to be active

My kids have been playing with the Polly Pocket toys for a few weeks now. Imagine their excitement when they received a Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop Play Set. The set is compatible with the toys they already have (Polly Pocket™ Hangout House™ Playset and a Polly Pocket™ Patio Set) which creates an amazing play area […]

My sleep journey and sleep tips #SleepNumber

Before I had kids, I could sleep in on weekends and take naps whenever I wanted to. No one poked me at seven (or five or six or any other time) in the morning and asked me to open my eyes. I should have appreciated the sleep freedom I had back then. Then, for about […]

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