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My sleep journey and sleep tips #SleepNumber

Before I had kids, I could sleep in on weekends and take naps whenever I wanted to. No one poked me at seven (or five or six or any other time) in the morning and asked me to open my eyes. I should have appreciated the sleep freedom I had back then.

Then, for about four years, when the kids were two years old and younger, I never had a whole night sleep. One of them was always up in the middle of the night. As I was sitting in the chair nursing my baby at three in the morning, I was envisioning how nice it would be one day to sleep through the night in my own bed without being woken up and without being afraid to wake up a baby sleeping next to me.

Soon both kids started sleeping through the night. I was overjoyed. Finally, after all these years, I can sleep longer than two hours at a time. Well, that did not happen. Maybe my body lost the ability to sleep for more than a few hours or I had two much stress with two little kids to be able to sleep.

I think even my kids got used to the fact that I could not sleep through the night. Here is a fairy recent story:

My toddler is getting ready to go to bed for the night. She is cranky and does not want to change into her pajamas: “Mommy, I want to sleep in this dress”.

I am trying to reason with her: “It is not comfortable to sleep in a dress. Pajamas would be much better”.

“That’s OK, Mommy. If I am not comfortable, I will wake you up and ask to change me into another dress.”

Here is another one:

My toddler wakes up, walks towards my bed and asks: “Are you sleeping, Mommy?”

“Yes, I am sleeping”

“Why are you talking then?”

In any case, I have been working hard trying to sleep through the night. I even developed a couple of rules that help me sleep, and most importantly go back to sleep if I do wake up:

  1. Turn off all the wireless devices, so I am not tempted to grab an iPad or an iPhone in the middle of the night and stay up reading. Plus, artificial lights from those devices keep me awake long after I put them down.
  2. Get dark blackout curtains that keep all the light away. Falling asleep is much easier in a completely dark room.
  3. Get a comfortable bed, a nice pillow, and a comfortable blanket which does not make me hot. Ever since I tried the Sleep Number True Silver Blanket, I have been able to sleep better because it keeps me cool and comfortable at night.

This blanket also has Natural Allergy Defense feature. Here are the reasons this blanket is my favorite:

  • It is lightweight, but warm and comfortable. It can basically balance temperature since it does not let me get overheated. It is simply perfect for summer!
  • It is anti-microbial, anti-odor and anti-static. Pure silver fibers naturally repel bacteria, dust and odors. It is a perfect product for people with allergies frequent sinus infections.
  • It is very soft, featuring 300-thread-count cotton sateen cover.
  • This blanket is easy to wash and can even be washed in a washing machine

You can follow Sleep Number on Facebook for news and tips on sleep. Plus, you can participate in contests and sweepstakes.

Disclaimer: I received a free Sleep Number® True Silver Blanket to review from Select Comfort / Sleep Number for this post.

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