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How to get kids interested in learning new things

I had some pressing questions this summer. Luckily, Dr. Michele Borba, TODAY Show contributor; author; renowned children’s health and development expert agreed to help me out.

I sent Dr. Michele Borba my questions:

–           How can I get kids interested in learning new things? It is so frustrating to always talk my child into learning or bargain with her or take away privileges. It would be so much easier if she wanted to learn on her own.

–           Do you think kids benefit when they play on their own as opposed to structured play? If so, how can I encourage kids to play on their own? Most of the time my preschoolers want to play with me or be entertained in some way by adults.

–           What are some of the effective ways to reward kids for the work well done? My child prefers some sort of sweets but I am concerned that she will associate achievements with food and this will become a problem later in life.

Dr. Michele Borba answered my questions in this video interview:

I was so excited to watch this invaluable advice. I think I might enroll my child in Drama instead of a construction camp after watching this.

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