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How to work from home with kids

Working from home is a challenge when the kids are at home. A nanny, a teenage babysitter or a daycare facility are always worth looking into. I hope you will find this and some other advice valuable when trying to get some work done from home.

  1. Making the office. If you are to work from home you need to be comfortable! Working from home finally gives you the opportunity to have a desk and chair that you want and will be able work on. By using online auction sites like eBay or Craigslist with shipping sites you can find cheap courier services. Therefore, making finding that perfect desk at a cheap price and shipping it your home office, incredibly easy and very cost effective
  2. Make your child work for you If it is at all possible, you should attempt to include your child in your work. Explain to them what you do and give them the opportunity to ask you questions. Let your children take part in what you do and if they are able to, let them help you. When you experience a work related success, allow your child to share in the celebration with you. They will eventually form an understanding and appreciation of your work and will want you to succeed.
  3. Opting for Childcare is fine. Having to resort to childcare if you find you cannot work effectively at home with your children, should be seen as a failure on your part. If you send your child to daycare or arrange for a playgroup, they will be plenty stimulated and will learn valuable social skills and will still active. There are so many benefits to daycare both socially and educationally. And at least you will have some uninterrupted time to work on your business.
  4. Shut the ‘office door’. The easiest way to show your children that you are working is to have a door on your office. The thinking behind this is that they will come to associate you needing to work in your office as your job, and your time outside of the office as your time for them. However, if I am honest this connection will not be made instantly, but as the kids became accustomed to it; they will understand that when you enter the office it’s time for you to work and for them leave you in peace.
  5. Answering machine- Answering machines are genius but often overlooked devices when it comes to working with the kids at home. If the phone rings with a business call while you are busy with the children or things are getting a little loud around your house, then let the machine get it and then return the call when the kids are quiet or in the other room. This way you won’t ever miss an important call.  Aside from my personal finance software, these techniques rank at the top of any Home business necessity list.

Another option that works for some moms is taking a laptop with you when you wait for the kids to finish the extracurricular activities (gymnastics, dancing, soccer, etc.). Good thing that most of those places hive Wi-FI nowadays. Now when I activated a hotspot on my phone, I can even work from parks and playgrounds.

What are your strategies for working from home?

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