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Polly Pocket toys have suction cups

Playing with Polly Pocket dolls

I saw Polly Pocket sets first at a consignment sale. They looked fun and cool but the toys were so little that I decided to wait until my girls are at least three or four years old. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Polly Pocket dolls grew and are easier to hold for little…

My sleep journey and sleep tips #SleepNumber

blanket true sliver1

Before I had kids, I could sleep in on weekends and take naps whenever I wanted to. No one poked me at seven (or five or six or any other time) in the morning and asked me to open my eyes. I should have appreciated the sleep freedom I had back then. Then, for about…

Our steps to a more natural lifestyle

johnson and johnson

Every year we try to take steps towards eating real and natural foods. These are the changes we made in the past year: Buy only 100% whole grain bread and 100% whole grain pasta. While my kids still ask for white bread, they already forgot how white pasta tastes and prefer the whole wheat kinds…

Saving on groceries and wine at ALDI

all ALDI products

I first experienced ALDI when I lived in Germany. I immediately recognized the difference from the traditional American supermarkets: from having to pay for plastic bags to depositing coins for cart rental. However, I quickly noticed how much money I was the saving. ALDI by far offered the lowest prices among all other stores in…

Can you see a Cordless Headset on my head?

viteck phone

I am a Mom who works from home. I spend hours on the phone – work conference calls, meetings, negotiations with contractors, discussions with teachers and doctors. I usually hold the phone between the shoulder and my head while cleaning the house, folding the clothes, and doing dishes.  I go through phones pretty quickly since…

Our fun @LeapFrog Party

leapfrog party map

Yes, we had a leapfrog party! Snacks for the party were mostly green, featuring green olives, cucumbers, celery, and grapes:   Activities of the party included: Learning and coloring with Leapfrog printable activity sheets. There were several to choose from.   Kids also played on the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer, which my kids monopolized first:  …

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