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Can you see a Cordless Headset on my head?

I am a Mom who works from home. I spend hours on the phone – work conference calls, meetings, negotiations with contractors, discussions with teachers and doctors. I usually hold the phone between the shoulder and my head while cleaning the house, folding the clothes, and doing dishes.  I go through phones pretty quickly since they end up in the sink, bath tub, laundry machine, or shattered in pieces after flying from the second floor.

I recently tried LS6475-3 Multitasking phone system.

The fact that it has a cordless headset helps tremendously. I can now clean, cook, fold laundry, and do pretty much everything else while talking on the phone. I can give my shoulder a rest and multitask efficiently. The headset is also useful when a Customer service rep puts me on hold for 30 minutes.

The headset is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. It is barely visible, in case I decide to pose for pictures. Can you even see it?


I like that the headset has a mute button and volume adjusting button. I am convinced that the most important button of any phone is MUTE. Why? Because I use it all the time. For example, here is an excerpt from my conversation with an Internet provider (yes, the kids were home at the time):


…..Yes, Internet was down for three days. I would like to get a credit to my account for the downtime. I also would like 50% off your services for the next 3 months for my inconvenience.


No, you cannot have any more candy today


I understand that you do not have the authority to give me this discount. Can I talk to your manager please?


Stop pulling your sister’s hair.


If your supervisor is not available, I can talk to her supervisor.


No drinking syrup*


Ok, I will take a 20% discount for the next two months…


*scroll to the second video

I tell you, all my conversations are like that when I am home with kids.

I have used LS6475-3 Multitasking phone system every single day for several hours. It helps me get more things done in one day. Here are my recommendations to make this Cordless Phone system with a Cordless Headset even better:

  • Make the mute button big and bright (did I mention MUTE button is important?).
  • It would be great if the Mute indicator on the phone display was bigger and better visible. Maybe it should have a pink glow?
  • Provide the capability to pair the headset and the handset. I love to use my headset to talk. However, during a long conversation I tend to forget whether I am on mute. It would be great if at any given time I could see on the handset whether I am on mute or not.
  • Add “find a handset” functionality/button to the base unit. I may be the only Mom who does not remember in what room she left a handset this time and has to go from room to room looking for it. Could it be hidden between the couch cushions? Or maybe under the bed? Oh well, I found it in the fridge. I can’t believe it still works!

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of VTech and received a product sample to facilitate my review.

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