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ninja baby dance

You may or may not agree, but this is a super funny dance. I admit I might say that only because they are my kids. This was actually a dance from last summer. Their dances these days are even  funnier. Or should I say “more graceful”? Or “crazier” would be a better word? … And […]

what my kids get into

I made this video for a contest, but did not win. The video was made over a year ago, when my youngest was 9 months old. There are, of course, other things they used to get into (and do now). I still cannot leave them alone for a second. As always, if the video does […]

How to raise bilingual children

Ever since I started learning English as a second language, I wanted to raise bilingual children. When I was in college I met a four year old girl. She was fluent in three languages. Her fluency amazed me. She spoke each language like it was her native. Since then I wanted my kids to speak […]

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