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Nursing Mother’s room at the University

nursing room sign

I recently visited my Alma Mater – Georgia Tech. I was pleasantly surprised by a new room in the Student Center. I noticed this sign at the door first. Could it be what I think it is? A Nursing room? I stepped right in and found a comfortable, nicely decorated room designed for nursing Moms.…

Strawberry picking in North Georgia


I took my preschooler on her first strawberry picking outing in North Georgia.  Strawberries are easy to pick for a preschooler since they are so large and bright.  This activity is quite addictive – we did not leave the patch until we had about 4 gallons. Our plan was to use some for a strawberry daiquiri,…

On preschooler activities and quitting

recital 2011

You may remember I was writing that my preschooler was losing interest in all of her extracurricular activities, in particular gymnastics and dance. I was planning to have two recitals this year – one in the dance studio through Masha’s school, and the other through a separate dance studio Masha was attending the entire year.…

Turquoise manicure


This is what happens when my toddler gets a hold of Tempura paint. She, of course, selected the color that matched her shirt. “Mommy, she thinks that this paint is Nail Polish,” – exclaimed my preschooler. “Let’s not let her play with my paint anymore”

Wordless Wednesday on a Futon

Let’s get comfortable and watch some cartoons….

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