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Five best Mama Bloggers

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I would like to present you Five Fabulous Mama Bloggers. I am a loyal reader of these blogs. This is where I find inspiration, great ideas, valuable information, and supportive community.

Blog Metropolitan Mama

I love Stephanie’s

  • Courage and devotion to help other people. Stephanie, her husband Tim, and their two little daughters sold their home and all their belongings and are about to start travelling across the country in their RV with the purpose of helping people and promoting good cause. Keep up with Sheaffers’ adventures, they might be on the next reality show on TV.
  • Ideas to help other people INSTEAD of saying, “Can I do anything to help?” 
  • Tuesday Tours where she showcases all the best contests, reads, deals, and announcements from all over the web.
  • Welcoming attitude to opposite opinions. Even if our views may be different, I find invaluable advice in Stephanie’s posts


Blog Musings of a Housewife

I love Jo-Lynne’s

  • Series on raising responsible kids. Jo-Lynne shares her system how to get the kids to pick up their toys, get to the bus on time, help out around the house, eat wholesome foods, and get their homework done without drama.
  • Ideas how to eat whole meals at home, including Tried and True Recipes 
  • Fashion tips. I get a little more fashionable thanks to Fashion Friday where she talks about fashion in a fun and captivating way
  • Blog design articles. I downloaded quite a few WordPress plugins Jo-Lynne recommended.
  • Sense of community. Jo-Lynne interacts a lot with the readers and responds to their comments..


Blog Safe Mama


  • I love Kathy’s Website since it is an extensive resource for parents about products and ingredients which may not be safe for our kids.
  • Not only does Kathy discusse dangerous products and chemicals, but encourages all of us to ban these products. Please, help EPA ban Triclosan, a hormone disrupting chemical which is a common ingredient in many personal care products, and especially, antibacterial soaps and other antibacterial products.
  • Remember to print SafeMama safe products Cheat Sheets, which are easy to read lists for shopping or de-cluttering purposes. SafeMama put together over 20 Cheat sheets ranging from BPA, PVC Free Bottles and Sippy Cups to PVC Free Rain Gear


Blog Busy Working Mama

Busy Working Mama

I love Aleks’s

  • Creative recipes, sometimes with influence of Polish Cuisine. Aleks is famous for not following any original recipes, and that is what makes a real chef.
  • Ideas for kids activities, including  Blueberry Picking  and Making Your Own Finger Paint.
  • Galore of giveaways. It is like a guide to all new products for Moms and Children on the market .


Blog Travel Mamas


I love Colleen’s

  • Inspirational articles about exploring the world with families and kids
  • Tips on travelling by air with kids
  • Packing lists for your next trip with baby, toddler, or school age children. All you would need to do is print the lists and add checkmarks.
  • Summary of the best things to do with kids in various countries, including Ireland, Morocco, and India.

What do you like best about these blogs?

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