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Goodbye, BPA in soda cans

I found a way to drink BPA free soda and not to worry about BPA in soda cans. I proudly stride past carbonated drinks aisles. Since I got a home soda maker, I do not buy soda in bottles or cans anymore. This surely saves time and money. And groceries take much less room in the car and in the kitchen. Plus, I don’t have to worry about BPA in soda cans anymore.

I can’t stop raving about my Soda stream soda maker.

It takes so little room on the counter (less than a roll of paper towels) but makes a bottle of carbonated drink. The Sodamaker does not even have to be plugged in.

I carbonate water and mix it with one of the Soda mixes.
Or with water essence.
Or with any juice or syrup I like.
Or don’t mix it at all, just drink carbonated water. It has the fancy fizz but no calories.

I have full control of my carbonated drinks now. I can have more gas or less gas, I can have it more or less concentrated. Moreover, I know exactly what kind of water is in the drinks. I filter it with my own BPA free PUR three stage filter.

I can offer a vide variety of drinks to my guests any time, including Root Beer, Fountain Mist, Lemon-Lime, Orange, Diet Cola, Diet Lemon-Lime, Diet Root Beer, Diet Pete’s Choice, Diet Cranberry-Raspberry, or Diet Pink Grapefruit.

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