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How to make ionized water: Water Wand Review

Remember Diffusion of Innovations theory about spreading of technologies? I would characterize myself as an early adopter. I love trying out new high-tech products. When I heard about Water Wand which transforms bottled or tap water into antioxidant alkaline drinking water, I could not wait to try it out. This device makes restorative antioxidant ionized alkaline structured water using a process that mimics nature as water takes on the characteristics of a fresh mountain spring.

We were also packing for Bahamas at the time, where food and water are quite expensive. I started looking for a way to turn tap water into safe drinkable water. I was thrilled to find out that Water Wand can also help in neutralizing lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, selenium, silver, barium and chromium as well as toxins and organic pesticides. In addition, the Water Wand helps eliminate bacteria in the water. According to the tests done by FDA, the bacteria in the water were destroyed by Water Wand in one pass;  without any bacteria residue left. So, we actually used the Water Wand in the Bahamas and drank tap water after subjecting it to the Water Wand magic.

Note that the Water Wand is not marketed as a water cleansing technology; water purification is more of a side effect to water ionization. To extend the lifetime of the Wand, It is recommended to use it in your regular pitcher filter.

The Water Wand is can be taken anywhere since it has a size of a marker. It is more cost effective than water ionizer technology, pitcher-based filters, or commercially bottled waters.

Now anyone can economically create anti-oxidant, ionized alkaline water like a fresh mountain spring with green technology that travels with you and hydrates you with significant health benefits.

Water Wand has been also FDA approved.

Interestingly, I also used Water Wand treated water for fresh cut  flowers. They lasted about two times longer than usual!

Consider some other features of Water Wand:

  • It is made of 7 bioceramics
  • It provides Hydrogen ions boost. The hydrogen from the tap water to the water treated by the wand went from 30 parts per millions to 300 parts per millions. ( Hydrogen is not well understood yet, but DNA strands are bounded by covalent hydrogen bond.)
  • It biomimics healing water which means Ph increase, negative ORP, minerals and structured water.
  • It has inside ormus elements/ minerals inside
  • A totally green technology is used
  • It creates the first water in the world that received the NSF ANSI 42 for the polishing of water.
  • Water Wand manufacturer Avant Garde of Wellness owns a trade mark to bring back in the water minerals that are present in healing spring, one is lithium which is known in psychiatry to balance the brain

Take a look at some other products made by AvantGarde of Wellness, a company with a visionary approach to health:

Waterpouch creates the highest  quality antioxidant alkaline ionized mineral water. 1 water pouch treats 1 liter to 1 gallon for up to 4 months.

AvantGarde of Wellness Ultimate Shower Head de-chlorinates and removes harmful elements with the added bonus of restoring water’s healing properties and energetics before it reaches your skin.

You can join Avant Garde of Wellness on Facebook to keep up with other innovations.

Review disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received Water Wand for review. All product characteristics should be verified with the manufacturer.

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