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Jet-Lagged Babies and Red-Eyed Us

My kids don’t really care what country they are in or what language is spoken.

They don’t care that the nearest Wal-Mart is 10, 000 miles away and Papa John’s Pizza is nowhere to be found.

They don’t ask for Dora on TV.

They don’t even care what time it is. Stop right here. This is what I care about.

It is day number 5 after we came back from Russia. We are still struggling with an eleven hour jet lag. While Masha is almost on schedule, one year old Lana takes four naps around the clock, leaving me with two hours of sleep in the morning and two hours of sleep in the evening.

I have tried everything: keeping her up longer during the day, darkening the room at night, keeping her in the bed with me at night. Nothing works. She is still up half the night. Too bad there are no sleeping pills for babies.

Maybe 5 days from now it will get better? Or am I destined to have red eyes for weeks?

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