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Kids Place (Kidport) in Boston Airport

Any airport we go to, we look for a kids place, somewhere with kids can run and play, “get their energy out”, and get tired. I make it a point to keep them moving before we get on board. It will help them sleep once we get on the airplane.

When we got in Boston airport (Boston Logan International), we went to Kidport, a play area created by the Boston Children’s Museum. It was totally worth a five minute trip to this play place. It had a large slide, an airplane sculpture, a tunnel, a car, all for climbing, a couple of baggage slides, and plenty of seating space for parents. All play equipment was made out of non-slippery, rubbery material. The floors were also soft and bouncy like in a gymnastics gym, which made even hard falls unnoticeable.

I would definitely recommend waiting for the airplane there with kids instead of the gate area.

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