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My Very Own Picture Day at School

I usually get so excited when my girls (One and Three years old) have a Picture Day at school. I dress them in their best outfits. I have to choose the kind they will be comfortable in the entire day. Or I bring a change of clothes…

They don’t mind the picture taking process either since it brings variety in their structured day.

I wait impatiently for the proofs to be ready. I look at the proofs for a week contemplating if every pose is really worth 55 dollars. I call the picture taking company and try to bargain. After all, I have two kids, could I get a discount? And why the prints on the CD are so much extra? Weren’t the prints digital to start with?

So lately, I started taking my camera with me to school on the Picture Day. Just in case I will not be able to convince myself to turn in the picture form on time. I will always have some pictures of my own in the same outfits…


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