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Eggplant is by all means my favorite vegetable. And ratatouille is the best dish to make with eggplant. Here are four reasons I love a Ratatouille Dish:

– Easy to make
– Uses plenty of vegetables
– Recipe is super versatile and can vary depending on the content of the fridge: ratios of vegetables can be different every time I make it
– Has eggplant as an ingredient but it is not an Eggplant Parmesan Dish!

My Easy Ratatouille Recipe:


– 3 large carrots
– 2 bell peppers
– One onion
– 3 Eggplants
– ¾ cup of diced tomatoes (Fresh or from the box). I use Pomi tomatoes due to BPA concerns with cans.
– Olive oil


  1. Cut up first three ingredients, add salt and pepper. Sauté in olive oil
  2. Peel and cut eggplants. The thinner the pieces, the better: they absorb other vegetables flavors to the fuller extent. Add salt. Sauté in olive oil until almost ready
  3. Mix everything and add tomatoes. Sauté together (no need to add olive oil at this stage)
  4. Serve as a side dish
  5. or Serve as sandwiches
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