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Seams on the outside?

I was seven when my sister was born.

“Mom, why is her hat inside out”, I asked.

“To make sure she is comfortable. And the seams do not bother her”, – my Mom answered.

It seemed perfectly logical. This is how baby hats were made. Since then, I have never put a hat on a baby with the seams on the inside.

It never occurred to me that clothes for kids could also be made with no seams on the inside. I thought that if the clothes are made that way, they, well, would not look very nice.

My notion of seamless clothes changed when we tried Teres Kids clothing.

Teres Kids clothes are soft, stylish, and extremely comfortable. No seams ever touch a child’s skin. Sometimes seams are hidden between two layers of fabric, other times they are used for decoration.

My kids very much liked the soft feeling of the clothing. They asked if they could sleep in those clothes. Since I have yet to find a pajama without seams on the inside, the kids are allowed to sleep in the Teres outfits now!

All Teres Kids clothing is high quality, made from organic cotton, and pre-washed. TeresKids.com, makes children’s clothing using low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes which are absolutely safe for skin. The tags are printed and are not scratchy even if the clothes are stretched or washed.

Teres Kids clothing is perfect for all children, including kids with tactile sensitivity, a condition that can make regular clothing feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Some of our favorite items are below.

These trendy Ruffle Shorts are adorable, soft, and stylish. The shorts are made of organic cotton with 6% of spandex:

Ruffle Hoodie Dress can be worn as a dress, beach cover up, after-bath robe, with leggings, or shorts.

Leggings with Kneepads have no inside seams, they are extra durable and sporty. Perfect for exercising, crawling, working in the garden, or climbing rock walls.

Asymmetrical Dress is light and twirly. It is made from two layers of 100% organic cotton. It goes well over ruffle shorts, kneepad leggings, yoga pants, or simply bare legs.

Many other great models can be found in Teres kids Catalogue. You can also follow Teres Kids on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates on safe and comfortable clothing for kids.

Disclaimer: I received Teres Kids products for review. The opinions are my own.

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