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My two princesses

It is all about princesses these days. Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, or any other princess that comes to mind, as long as the dress is long is sparkly.  It gets much more fun when they pretend they are princesses themselves. Cinderella is their favorite bedtime story. I uploaded an app that reads this story on […]

Summer protection prize pack giveaway ($75 value)

Innovative swimwear: Seasons UV, the makers of 50++ UPF swimwear, is offering a new line of kids Solar Guard swimwear, called LOL, designed to alert parents with a color change when UV rays are getting dangerous. The ‘LOL’ pattern has a white smiley face in the ‘O’ along with other happy faces on the swimwear […]

High Fashion from Redfish kids

My fashion style is largely influenced by European trends, probably mostly because I used to live in Germany and Russia. Kids clothing influenced by Asian styles was something new to me. Redfish Kids Clothing, which we recently became fans of, was inspired by the street fashion of cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. The […]

Seams on the outside?

I was seven when my sister was born. “Mom, why is her hat inside out”, I asked. “To make sure she is comfortable. And the seams do not bother her”, – my Mom answered. It seemed perfectly logical. This is how baby hats were made. Since then, I have never put a hat on a baby […]

UV protecting Baby Banz flap hat (giveaway)

Sometimes it seems that if my kids could, they would stay outside the entire day.  Other times, they get glued to the TV or iPad and I need to slowly transition them outside with help of bubbles, chalk, or promise that we will play “hide and seek”.   I am, however, concerned, about the abundance […]

Why Organic clothing?

I have been wondering if we truly need organic clothing. With food, it is much simpler. We want to limit intake of pesticides by buying organic produce, or at least buying organic produce which made it to the dirty dozen list. We want hormone-free milk, grass-fed beef, and carbon-monoxide-free fish. How do we figure out […]

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