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A shirt that changes color (Quagmire ColorFusion review)

My 4-year-old could not believe she has a shirt now that changes color. From purple to pink and back to purple. When the fabric gets warm with body heat or sunshine, the shirt turns pink. When she takes it off or holds cold subjects next to the shirt, it turns purple.  Quagmire ColorFusion golf shirt […]

Custom shirts from Tailgating Tots

A few days ago I received a package, opened and found this shirt: I had my little daughter’s name on it. I stared at the shirt for 5 minutes trying to figure out where it appeared from.   The colors were perfectly coordinated and the shirt was so well made. The shirt was so her. I slowly […]

Zio children’s active wear encourages kids to stay active (giveaway)

Sometimes it seems that in our society kids are encouraged not to exercise. Running and jumping is often frowned upon, while sitting still will get an award for being a good girl/boy. I understand that there may be reasons behind that, like safety, discipline, etc. But could it be that because of such influence, kids […]

Trendy little girls clothing

There are three essentials to dancing with my daughters: 1.     Turn some fast music on 2.     Dance WITH them 3.     Put on fancy dresses For the last one, we have a fancy dress from Priss Pot Designs. How gorgeous is this outfit? The skirt a has a short petticoat plus two layers of Satin and […]

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