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A shirt that changes color (Quagmire ColorFusion review)

My 4-year-old could not believe she has a shirt now that changes color. From purple to pink and back to purple. When the fabric gets warm with body heat or sunshine, the shirt turns pink. When she takes it off or holds cold subjects next to the shirt, it turns purple.  Quagmire ColorFusion golf shirt immediately became one of her favorite tops.

My daughter looks like a junior golfer in this shirt. I guess I should sign her up for some golf lessons.

This shirt turned into a scientific project for her. My preschooler kept experimenting with holding different cold packs next to the fabric.

The shirts change color when you simply touch them. You can actually see handprints. Or you can blow on the shirt or steam it. There is no end to imagination.

Quagmire Kids is full of stylin’ threads for the skate park, surf camp, the golf course or detention. Beyond ColorFusion, it includes tie-dye tops (hand-dyed by company founder Geoff Tait in Toronto), moisture-wicking polos and adorable shorts. Running in sizes 4-14, it retails from $25-$45. The shirts are 100% cotton.

The shirts start changing colors at the temperature of 68° Fahrenheit (which is 20 degrees Celsius). The shirts are perfectly safe for both kids and adults to wear. The ColorFusion shirts can be washed in the washing machine. You can put those shirts in the dryer too. Don’t be surprised when it changes color when it comes out of the dryer, it will take just a minute to cool down to its original color.

The ColorFusion shirts change colors not only from purple to pink. But also from blue to white, orange to yellow, green to yellow.

You can purchase this shirt in the online in the Quagmire online store.

I wonder which one my younger daughter will like the best.

Review disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product from Quagmire’s kid’s collectionf for review purposes.

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