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The idea was to try on Easter Dresses…

So I took out last year’s Easter dresses to see if we need to buy new dresses this year or we can reuse the ones we already have.

Well, the girls were so excited about their dresses, they put them on top of their pajamas.

They also thought that socks and flip-flops would go perfectly with the dresses.

And they put on “one dollar hats” I bought in the Dollar Store.

While they were posing, I grabbed a camera and got a few shots of them posing “in sync”.

The “in-sync” posing was quickly followed by “upside-down” posing.

By the end of the day, I still have not figured out if those Easter dresses still fit them.

Do your kids have wear Easter dresses/outfits? Have you already picked out what they will wear? Where do you shop for Easter dresses/suits/outfits for your kids?

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