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My two princesses

It is all about princesses these days. Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, or any other princess that comes to mind, as long as the dress is long is sparkly.  It gets much more fun when they pretend they are princesses themselves.

Cinderella is their favorite bedtime story. I uploaded an app that reads this story on the iPad, but the kids are not easily fooled, they want me to tell the story, even if I may fall asleep in the middle of telling it.

Snow White story seems to make the strongest impression on them. “If the witch finds me and gives me an apple, I wont eat it”, declares my two-year-old. “How do you know not to eat it?”, I wonder. “Masha told me”, she responds, confirming that my preschooler is very well familiar with the story.

With that in mind, I was looking at princess Halloween costumes and came across a Child Rose Princess Costume. It had two main features I was looking for: it was pink and sparkly. Do not ask me why these girls want a pink Princess dress. I liked that the dress was sparkly (mostly due Fiber Optic Light Twinkle Skirt).

I still need to find out who the Rose princess, why she is famous and what the story is about. Despite my inability to tell the story of the Rose princess, both girls enjoyed wearing the fancy pink dress.

I bought size small for 4-6 years old, but it looks great on my two-year-old girl. She was practicing princess poses. Some of them turned out pretty “princessy”:

Others are a little more extreme.

My four-year-old was much more practical. She did not have time for posing but instead helped in the kitchen:


Who needs to wait for Halloween to wear costumes, anyway?

Have you picked out a costume for your child?

Review disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received  a product for review.

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