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Snowed in

We are completely snowed in. Schools are closed, including daycare centers. We did not dare to drive since roads are iced up and covered in snow. I am trying to count how many days we can survive with the food in the fridge and pantry. I think we can do three days easily, but five may be a challenge. We are supposed to have below freezing until Saturday. John volunteered to walk to McDonalds in a few days.

Our multiple attempts to spend some time outside were only marginally successful. Our 4-year old declared after twenty minutes that her nose was cold. Lana preferred to be carried after a while as opposed to walking with her own feet.

I realized how inept I am when it comes to dressing my kids to play in the snow. They had boots full of snow even though I pulled their pants over the boots. They had snow all the way in the jacket sleeves!

All clothes are completely soaked now. We will try again tomorrow.

Note John’s hat which we bought on the Izmailovsky market in Moscow. 

My beautiful coat was actually made in Moscow. 

My Mom made girls’ hats.
This is our driveway. Can you believe it?

Lana was a little confused by the abundance of snow surrounding her.

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