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Taking Corn Syrup out of the Easter Egg Hunt

My kids love Egg Hunts. My three year old Masha loves it to the point that she asks for a bed night story about it. My biggest challenge with all the Egg Hunts going on is to make sure she does not eat a single piece of that artificially colored and flavored corn syrup (aka candy).

This is what we have been doing so far:

For Egg Hunt at home – I stuff Eggs with non-edible things, like:

– Balloons
– Small puzzle pieces
– Bracelets and necklaces
– Hair accessories
– Individual stickers

For egg hunt at school, I ask the teachers to send my girls home with baskets filled with empty eggs. I thought I would have to blame it on the Bunny, but they weren’t concerned with the missing content at all.

For Egg hunt in public places (park, neighborhood, church), I urge her to drop the eggs back on the grass after she collected them in the bucket. She is actually throwing the eggs back out of her basket “for the other kids” on this picture.

Next year I mightl buy some real candy (no corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweetener, coloring, or flavor) made in Russia. Thy have not invented corn syrup yet. This one is my absolute favorite – corn syrup free soft candy with natural juices (no artificial anything). These caramels are pretty awesome too: Sheiki and Lapki

How do you make sure your child stays away from the candy in the stuffed eggs?

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