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We discovered a new (still dirty) playground

We discovered a newly built playground today in a local park. As you can see, it was just put up. It is not really finished yet. I even called the Park Department to check if it is open to the public. I am happy it is open and we have one more place to play outside.
We try to spend as much time outside as possible. And here is why
– kids sleep better
– they eat better, meaning they would eat their soup and meatballs without even thinking about desert.
– they get their vitamin D naturally
– they get more physical activity
– and last but not least, I have less mess to clean up inside 🙂

Masha has been learning to climb. Have I mentioned in the previous post that it is her favorite activity?

Svetlana enjoyed playing in the dirt. She wanted to taste it too…

Too bad all the slides are so big, nothing for little kids like Svetlana. Oh well, I just had to hold her as she went down the big slides…

Would you like to buy something from the Dirt Store?

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