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gloves or shoes?

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Lana has come to the conclusion that none of the shoes she owns meet her needs. So she went ahead and invented a new groundbreaking shoe model.

She is yet to patent it but take a look at the invention and note its distinctive features:

  • The shoes are easy to put on, even a one-year old can do that
  • The shoes are very cheap. In fact, they are the cheapest on the Toddler Shoe market. They are even cheaper than adult shoes.
  • There is no left and right shoe and no need to ask Mommy if she puts them on the right way
  • These can be bought in any grocery store, no need to make a trip to a shoe store
  • They come as “one size fits all”. No need to measure the baby feet on that foot ruler in the shoe store
  • They are water resistant, great for walking outside in the wet grass and may work well in puddles
  • They can actually double as hand gloves in case she decides to clean a sink or a toilet

She only wants one improvement. She would like these shoes to come in pink. I am still not sure where a one-year-old gets a passion for pink. She was looking for a pink bunny the entire evening in the park last night.

She is still to put together a business plan. She might have to enlist her older sister to type it up on Mommy’s laptop, but she can do negotiations herself. I hear her saying “Are you happy?” It has become one of her favorite expressions.

You can see her here calling venture capitalists to discuss financing her business of making pink glove-shoes.

Judging by the look on her face, no investors have committed to finance her project yet. She might have to make another phone call…

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