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How to sneak out Time to Study, being a Mom?

A mom’s life is difficult. Looking after kids, catching up with the daily chores, and much more. Working on this, if you have taken a late entry to the course, can you find time to study? The answer to this question is; it depends on you. If you want to find time for yourself, you will. If not, then forget it. Either ways, we have some simple tips to help you sneak out some time out of your busy schedule and study.

  1. Early Morning is good for studying: Studying early morning when you are fresh, you will be able to grasp more. If you have to watch video lectures, it is even better. So, get up early and study till you are distracted by your little angels. Another advantage of an early morning study is; there is no noise around. It’s peaceful and you can study without any disturbances.
  2. Keep a book or e-book on your side: It is true that studying in parts does not help. However, if that is an option, try it. Again, it can even help you memorize formulas, sections, etc. Yes, this is important. If you are pursuing law, the book should have section number and their names. If you are a medical student, learning drug names can be easy this way.
  3. Toys: This is not for you, but related to you. Get some amazing toys and games for your kids which can keep them busy. Doing this, you can get back to your studies. If you are planning to buy some cool toys for your kids, here is a nordstrom promotional code to help you get the best toy for them at an affordable price.
  4. Read anywhere, anytime: Being a mom, you are used to a noisy environment. So, if you are travelling in trains, or waiting for an appointment; carry a book and keep reading.
  5. Little sessions: You cannot dedicate long hours to study. If you do, you will be distracted and end up failing in both, your studies and responsibilities. So, have small sessions and keep your focus intact. The count of 30 minutes sounds good. If every session is of half an hour, it will be easy for you to take up other tasks and take care of your little ones too.
  6. Have a Break: If you have studied for a decently long time, reward yourself. Take some time off. Till now, you have been great as a mom and have studied too. Congratulate yourself and relax for some time. While you are taking a break, don’t revise your subject. Just do random stuff. Read magazine, do yoga, or anything you want, expect studying or revising.
  7. Plan: Planning is important for anything you do. If you plan your day realistically, there is a 90% possibility that your day will end as expected. There can be urgencies that are uncalled for, but then you can only do what is in your hands. So, stop thinking of contingencies and make a concrete plan.

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    Thanks for the post…It is really hard to study as a mum

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