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How to sneak out Time to Study, being a Mom?

A mom’s life is difficult. Looking after kids, catching up with the daily chores, and much more. Working on this, if you have taken a late entry to the course, can you find time to study? The answer to this question is; it depends on you. If you want to find time for yourself, you […]

How to work from home with kids

Working from home is a challenge when the kids are at home. A nanny, a teenage babysitter or a daycare facility are always worth looking into. I hope you will find this and some other advice valuable when trying to get some work done from home. Making the office. If you are to work from […]

Can you see a Cordless Headset on my head?

I am a Mom who works from home. I spend hours on the phone – work conference calls, meetings, negotiations with contractors, discussions with teachers and doctors. I usually hold the phone between the shoulder and my head while cleaning the house, folding the clothes, and doing dishes.  I go through phones pretty quickly since […]

My kids are not fans of gym childcare

I was driving home from work with a definitive idea to go for a walk. As I got home I realized that I am so extremely tired that the most I could do is get some more work done on my computer. The guilt started overpowering me and I decided to head over to the […]

Nursing Mother’s room at the University

I recently visited my Alma Mater – Georgia Tech. I was pleasantly surprised by a new room in the Student Center. I noticed this sign at the door first. Could it be what I think it is? A Nursing room? I stepped right in and found a comfortable, nicely decorated room designed for nursing Moms. […]

On preschooler activities and quitting

You may remember I was writing that my preschooler was losing interest in all of her extracurricular activities, in particular gymnastics and dance. I was planning to have two recitals this year – one in the dance studio through Masha’s school, and the other through a separate dance studio Masha was attending the entire year. […]

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