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How many activities should I pick for my preschooler?

My preschooler is enrolled in a whole bunch of activities. She takes Spanish. She used to take Chinese but she does Gymnastics at this time now. She is enrolled in a dance studio. She does playball. I occasionally take her to Yoga classes.

Some of the classes/activities are through her daycare center: the instructors come to school. To some activities I take her after work or on weekends.

You might call me an overachiever. The only reason I take her to all these classes because she always wants to go somewhere. Another reason you cannot call me an overachiever is that I still have not taken her to swim classes. Nor has she ever learned to play golf or skate.

Lately she became reluctant to go anywhere, though. She used to go to funbus but says she is not interested anymore. She went to play basketball but decided to quit because the coach was a man. I asked if she wanted to play soccer, she answered that she will go when her little sister starts going.

She declared she does not want to go to Gymnastics. What about Dance, I asked.

I still want to do Dance, she answered.  And you know, why, Mommy? Because I get to wear my pink Leo.

Now, I don’t know anymore. Should we just quit everything but dance? Or start wearing a pink leo to all activities?

These are the pictures of her going to a funbus class. Which is tumbling/gymnastics/play on a bus.

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