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Polly Pocket toys inspire kids to be active

My kids have been playing with the Polly Pocket toys for a few weeks now. Imagine their excitement when they received a Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop Play Set. The set is compatible with the toys they already have (Polly Pocket™ Hangout House™ Playset and a Polly Pocket™ Patio Set) which creates an amazing play area […]

How to get kids interested in learning new things

I had some pressing questions this summer. Luckily, Dr. Michele Borba, TODAY Show contributor; author; renowned children’s health and development expert agreed to help me out. I sent Dr. Michele Borba my questions: –           How can I get kids interested in learning new things? It is so frustrating to always talk my child into learning […]

Exercising in a cast and a Popatu dress #WW

We are ready for a workout! Masha finally got rid of her cast but the cast did not stop her from exercising. She never volunteers to exercise,  but when this exercise kit arrived, she decided to try it out: Lana only like to exercise in her Popatu dresses, which I buy on Zulily. I tried […]

A fairy Hobmother grants a wish

A fairy Hobmother visited us. The one who spreads sweetness and light. The girls are excited too. They love fairies and any other sweet magical creatures. The other day they told me they are fairies themselves. For that reason, they will fly around the neighborhood at night looking in the windows checking if the kids […]

Pretty Pirate

Who knew that Pirates are so good at posing and modeling clothes? I discovered this ability in pirates only recently. Have your kids tried on their Halloween costumes already? What kind of costumes are their favorites? Mister Linky’s Magical Widgets — Auto-Linky widget will appear right here!This preview will disappear when the widget is displayed […]

#WW What animal can your child imitate?

My two-year-old sometimes forgets words in one of the two languages she speaks. The other day she did not believe Daddy that this is a Gorilla, exclaiming loudly: “That not ah Gorilla”! Not quite sure how to argue with such a statement, Daddy proposed to put a toy on the stomp and listen what it […]

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