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Has it snowed in Atlanta this July?

I recently took my kids to a shopping promenade. We were planning to stop by at a Story Time event at Barnes and Noble and walk around the fountains. The fountain turned out to be a bubble bath. I don’t know why someone would dump a load of soap in a fountain. The foam was […]

Barefoot shoes for kids

Why kids need Barefoot Shoes: VIVOBAREFOOT team believes that kids’ feet need plenty of space to grow in their shoes. VIVOBAREFOOT company teamed up with Tracy Byrne, a leading Podiatrist who specializes in Podo-Paediatrics, to create a fun and colorful animation that explains the science behind VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, how it benefits children, and why barefoot […]

Water Attack

The idea was to water my blackberries and peas, which the sprinkler system does not reach. Lana asked me if she could, please, help water the plants (Ok, she did not say please, just stole the hose) . Then she decided to take a shower. The dress got wet pretty quickly. Without much hesitation, she got […]

Where to go with kids in Charleston

A couple of weeks ago we travelled to a wedding in Charleston, SC.  Since we have been in Charleston before, the first thing we wanted to show the kids was the Waterfront Park with its amazing view and fountains. It never occurred to me to bring bathing suits or water shoes for the kids. So they […]

in the wax museum

I was looking through my old pictures to add to the previous post on Social Media, when I saw these pictures we made in the Madame Tussauds wax museum in London. I don’t know how John managed to have exactly the same facial expression as Richard Nixon and Ronal Reagan: I sure could not mimic […]

Unbreakable sunglasses

We go through kids sunglasses as quickly as through sticker books, tempura paint, and pureed fruit pouches. Either the black lens falls out or the frame breaks. These sunglasses are pretty much indestructible as they are made of rubber. Lana has been wearing them for a few weeks now and they are still in one […]

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