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Kenneth Cole Men’s watch review (written by my husband)

I have not worn a wristwatch in years.  Ever since the watch my mom gave me for high school graduation stopped working, my attitude has been:  “Why bother?  I have a cell phone that tells accurate time.”  However, I’ve recently noticed that I’m one of the few in my profession (financial services technology) that doesn’t sport a tech-forward, masculine-looking watch.  Several of my colleagues are so style-minded that they have opted for knock-off and gimmick brands to wear the latest in luxury men’s watches.  Well, that’s definitely not me.  I’m always looking for the intersection between luxury and affordability – particularly in this economy.

I believe I’ve found it in men’s watches.  The Kenneth Cole collection offers the latest in ceramic, automatic, and touch screen models.  In particular, the automatic skeleton dial and digital combo bracelet watch with black strap is an absolute trendsetter at a reasonable price (under $200), available at KennethCole.com.  This watch is truly amazing to wear.

To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first.  The dual dial and digital display combine for a larger timepiece than I was accustomed to wearing or seeing.  However, the hinge makes it fit so comfortably that my concerns were soon alleviated.  The automatic dial is really a defining feature of this watch.  Not having to worry about the weight or maintenance of a battery is a plus.  Additionally, the digital component is easy to learn to use.  The best part of this watch is that the remarkable skeleton dial faces my colleagues in meetings, while the digital timepiece wraps around the wrist to be easily visible during those all-important, yet tiresome meetings when you’d love to know how much longer you must endure but don’t want to risk the distraction and appearance of turning your watch or grabbing your cell phone to see what time it is.  Apart from my enjoyment of wearing this watch, I have received several compliments from my co-workers commenting on its style and design.

Check out Kenneth Cole’s website for their complete collection of men’s and women’s watches.  Additionally, look for the contest awarding one winner with the ultimate cultural experience in the category of their choice (Film, Art & Architecture, or Cuisine) – the winner will be sent to Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Cannes or New York. 

Review/giveaway disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this review/giveaway. I received Kenneth Cole Mens’ watch for review purposes.   

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