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Masha’s Birthday party at school

Masha had four Birthday parties this month. She thinks this is because she turned four. She is expecting five parties next year…

She had two parties at home, one in Gymnastics World, and one in school.

I think we can still have five birthdays next year, but eight in three years might be an overkill.

Her idea of a birthday party is not gifts or cake, it is distributing a large number of paper plates and napkins to a large group of friends, real or imaginative. Like this for example.

Here are some pictures from her party at school:

This is a great picture of Masha, but I have no photoshop to get rid of the trash can in the back.

This is a plastic toy cake which sings songs. Best thing is that we can serve it every year.

Every child, including Svetlana (who is not exactly a student) got a balloon to take home.

P.S. I think I will post one more time about her Birthday parties and that will be it this year 🙂

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