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Children’s book Giveaway: Carla and Leo’s World of Dance

dance book

I wrote a couple of months ago that my preschooler lost interest in her dance classes, or any classes, for that reason, including gymnastics. She even refused to go to her own recital. Not that I wanted to push her to start dance lessons again, but I was thinking of ways to show her the…

fyrflyz light show toy giveaway. Two winners


Ever since July 4th fireworks, my kids are fascinated with any type of fireworks, and try to re-invent both the sound and the light show. I also learned recently that the answer to the question “Mommy, would you like some fireworks?” should be “no, thank you”. Otherwise, unbearable noise will be made with everything that…

Summer protection prize pack giveaway ($75 value)


Innovative swimwear: Seasons UV, the makers of 50++ UPF swimwear, is offering a new line of kids Solar Guard swimwear, called LOL, designed to alert parents with a color change when UV rays are getting dangerous. The ‘LOL’ pattern has a white smiley face in the ‘O’ along with other happy faces on the swimwear…

Plus size fashion (giveaway)


Before I was pregnant with my first baby, I used to buy all my work clothes in a couple of local women’s fashion stores. Somewhere during my fifth month of pregnancy I moved on to shopping in maternity clothing boutiques and departments. When my baby was born, I could not fit into any pre-pregnancy clothes…

Children’s room Décor Pack (giveaway)


I have been thinking about decorating my preschooler’s room. Until now, all she had in her room, was a bed. The room was so “uninteresting”, Masha did not even consider the room hers, indicating that the living room is actually her room because she likes to play there. Our living room does indeed have toys…

Our bedtime battles (giveaway)


Going to bed time is one of he hardest parts of the day. Potty training was a piece of cake compared to daily challenges of putting kids to sleep. “Ten more minutes“, we tell them. “NO! Fifteen!” When did a two-year-old learn that 15 minutes is more than ten? Then they use stalling techniques. Suddenly,…

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