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Random thoughts about Mommy from a 4-year-old

I was going through a long list of things Mommy needs to do today. Then I asked Masha: What else does Mommy need to do? Surprisingly, Masha also had a list in mind for me. She said –          Buy vegetables –          Buy fruit –          Clean up the house before papa gets home… ___________ Mommy, I […]

Our Candy free Egg Hunts

I am proud to report that we managed to have all Easter Egg hunts candy free. I read an article that Stephanie mentioned a couple of days ago (Is Sugar Toxic?) and was determined to keep the candy count low this egg hunt season. Masha was very much looking forward to the Egg hunt at […]

Masha says

Masha says series continued: Masha is sitting at her little table, writing something on a piece of paper. She looks up and says: “I think I need to buy insurance.”  Mommy, How many dollars do you cost?  I am trying to talk Masha into sharing her play phone with Svetlana. “But it is my phone”, […]

Masha says

Masha asks: Mommy, where did we get this beautiful Svetlana from?

Masha says (Theme Airplane)

– Masha: who are you going to sit next to on the airplane, – we asked. – Mama, – responded Masha – Why not Papa? – we wondered – Because Papa will be driving the airplane, – she responded. Masha heard the PA announcement on the airplane. – Papa: have you fastened your seat belt? […]

Masha Says

Masha Says Series continued. Here she talks about big and small: ______________________________ You are big, Mommy. [Pause] I am big too [Pause] Because I am three. Daddy: –          Masha, you are so bossy. Masha: –          I am not Bossy. You are the Boss, Daddy. You are a big giant boss. When I will be little, […]

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