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Our Candy free Egg Hunts

I am proud to report that we managed to have all Easter Egg hunts candy free. I read an article that Stephanie mentioned a couple of days ago (Is Sugar Toxic?) and was determined to keep the candy count low this egg hunt season.

Masha was very much looking forward to the Egg hunt at her daycare center, she even agreed not to eat any candy from the eggs she found. That was step one to candy free egg hunt. She was also distracted from the candy by the human-sized Easter Bunny who came to her class so kids could have their pictures taken with him. Masha was telling me later that she saw an Easter Bunny and he was a “little real”. Why only a little real, I asked. “Because he could talk but could not move”, she explained.

Step two was not to stuff plastic eggs with candy at all for the egg hunt at home. Kids had just as much fun looking for empty eggs. After all, empty eggs look just as good when you look for them on the ground and in the trees. To make things more interesting, all kids received toy prizes after the hunt was over. When we counted the eggs to see if every single one was found, we asked Masha how many she had. She counted diligently and announced “plenty!”.

Step three was candy-free Easter baskets. Grandma must have spent days looking for toys, bubbles, books, aprons, so she could make food-free Easter baskets. We managed to stay candy-free this  holiday. Our next challenge is Halloween.

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