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Why I don’t go shopping anymore

I rarely shop in brick and mortar stores these days. One reason for that may be that my two-year-old takes off the moment we step in the store.

She finds a round clothing rack and hides inside.  I look around. If I am lucky, I see a blond head peeking at me with triumph.  Instead of actual shopping for clothing, I end up chasing my 2 year old around the store.

I told someone about my shopping fiascos. “A toddler harness is your solution” – they exclaimed. I immediately bought a couple of “toddler leashes”  – the harness that you can put around the toddler and hold a string – to make sure she does not run away from me. Well, I celebrated too early. My toddler could not believe I had the nerve to put her on the leash. Her rebellion strategy was to fall on the floor and not make a move until I got rid of the leash.  Then she came up with a different strategy – to tolerate the harness but pull Mommy around the store, stopping at the candy or a toy aisle, picking out a box and announcing loudly: “Buy”.

The only place I can still shop at is shoe stores. Both kids immediately get busy with trying on adult shoes. The higher the heels, the better. Needless to mention, we are not the favorite customers in the shoe store even though we always put the shoes away in the right box if we don’t buy them.

This is how all my shopping, with the exception of shoes and groceries, slowly but surely migrated online.  I am liking online shopping more and more because I don’t have to pile up paper coupons anymore, but can copy and paste coupon codes instead. I think I can even call myself “coupon savvy”. Every time I get to the checkout screen, I look for a field “promotion code” or “coupon code” or “discount code”. This is where I stop the online buying process and start looking for a coupon code at PromotionCode.org. Moreover, I subscribed to promotion codes to my favorite stores. I like shopping at Tea Collection, Kidorable, iTunes, and Robeez, so I subscribed to get coupons only for these stores.

I wonder if I will ever go back to shopping at brick and mortar store.

What kind of purchases do you usually make online?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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