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Product by Product to Real Food. Series. Part 3 (Vegetables)

This one is easy, right? Eat as many veggies as you can… So, just a couple of pointers. 1. Remember that canned vegetables have BPA, an extremely dangerous chemical. Canned Del Monte Fresh Cut Green Beans Blue Lake had the highest amount of BPA for a single sample in Consumer Reports tests. When you are eating […]

Product by Product to Real Food. Series. Part 2 (Bread)

Where I continue talking about buying safe food… Bread should be Free of Mono- and diglycerides. Manufactures found a way to add trans fats to food without adding hydrogenated oils. Since mono glycerides will turn into fat only after they are absorbed by the body, manufacturers can freely indicate a zero trans fat on their […]

Product by Product to Real Food. Series. Part 1 (Milk)

I published the list of chemicals I avoid in our food a couple of days ago.  This and next week, I will jot a few notes about my checkpoints by product. Milk: I check that the milk is Hormone free, meaning cows were not treated with Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). A lot of milk brands are hormone free, […]

Taking Corn Syrup out of the Easter Egg Hunt

My kids love Egg Hunts. My three year old Masha loves it to the point that she asks for a bed night story about it. My biggest challenge with all the Egg Hunts going on is to make sure she does not eat a single piece of that artificially colored and flavored corn syrup (aka […]

How to buy chemicals-free food at the grocery store

Every shopping trip for me is a quest to find healthy food. You may find me in the store reading size 6 font Ingredient list and trying to decipher that recycling code on the bottom of the milk container. You will never find me in the canned food aisle though. I am boycotting BPA. I am also rarely […]

My whipping cream dilemma

When I cook I often use whipping cream.  The real whipping cream. Not the whipped cream – the fake kind in a tub with added hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and corn syrup. You would never find that kind of concoction in my kitchen. I would use whipping cream to make Chocolate mousse or Cake frosting, home […]

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