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Flip-flops Passion

Masha was fascinated by flip – flops since she was a year old. She wore any flip-flops she could find:

She tried souvenir Jello-beans flip flops:

She even walked in them:

But they could not sustain such wear and broke:

The beans stayed intact, though:

She came up to me and said: “Mommy: I have something important to talk to you about”. She never said that before. She whispered in my ear: “Could we go to Publix and buy me a pair of LITTLE flip-flops”. Taken aback by such important request, I promised to buy her a pair of flip-flops. For the next two weeks, Masha asked me every day if I bought her the flip-flops yet.

Finally, we went shopping. She got two pairs: one from Kohl’s and one from Stride Rite.

She did a dance for each pair.

Maybe I will have my flip-flops back now…

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