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Games Together

One year ago, our two girls were 2 years old together. We were thinking, a year from now they will be playing together. How much fun would that be! They certainly love to play together. However, it is not the kind of play I had in mind: playing quietly with dolls and blocks together.

For now, their favorite joint activities are

1. Hiding in the closet.
Masha rolls Svetlana in there in her walker and they sit quietly. If we approach the door, we can hear a loud “Shhh”. That is Masha signaling Svetlana to be quiet.
Note how Masha tries to hide Svetlana behind:

2. Hiding under the table. 

The crowded with chairs area under the table always attracts the girls for some reason. We often find Svetlana there. Masha joins her immediately. Note the real fur vest Svetlana is wearing. Sometimes playing peek-a-boo with a table cloth…

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