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How to make Handmade Cards for Teacher Appreciation Day

My three year old made these cards for her Daycare Teachers. And for her Sister Lana’s teachers too. Lana is one year old, so her cards do not come out very well yet.

I have to admit, we did not make these pictures just because this idea crossed my mind, although we should have. Masha and Lana had Teachers Appreciation Week in school. Monday was a “Bring a Card for Your Teacher” day.

We started off with gathering all the supplies:
– Construction paper
– Stickers (we had some scrapbooking quality stickers)
– Girls’ Pictures
– Washable Markers
– Scissors

Then Masha made the actual cards. She
– folded Construction Paper
– cut out hers and Lana’s picture: she would cut off corners, or cut out an oval shape which I drew on the other side of the picture
– glued a picture on the card
– applied the stickers. Although some stickers got applied to the table, not the cards.
– made drawings and wrote letters and sentences

In the end I addressed each card to a teacher. I also signed the cards with Masha’s or Svetlana’s name.

The best part was when Masha proudly handed a card to each teacher. She got to do it five times!

They diligently worked together.

Svetlana preferred to do her crafts under the table.

Masha is finishing up:

Here is what the cards looked like inside:

What do you do for Teacher Appreciation Day?

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