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Masha says… Part II

Masha’s phrases continued (from Part I) …

 – In response to a request to do something: “You just boss me around and around”

 – Looking at the Sesame Street Characters: “This is Zoe, this is Bert, this is Oscar-the-Grass’

 – We saw a midget in the store. Masha asked me who it was, to which I responded that it was a midget. Who is a midget?, – Masha continued. It is a little person, I said. Masha nodded: We have a little person too – Svetlana.

 – Masha is very well familiar with the concept of wearing a bib. However, yesterday, when I called he to eat her dinner, she ran in her room and ran out in her jacket. Why are you wearing a jacket?, I asked. So that the soup does not get on my vest was the response…

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