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How to make housework easier

Most often I want to start my blog post with the words: There is just never enough time to get anything done. So I looked in the housework areas that can be outsourced. And here is the list which will make your housework easier:

 1.       Laundry.

Men shirts never make it to the washer anymore. They go straight to the Cleaners. I could not resist the deal of 89 to 99 cents per shirt washed, dried, ironed, and on hangers. I use Dry Cleaners for other “hang up”  clothes when there are good deals as well. I just have to make sure, they use environmentally-friendly non-toxic cleaning methods

 2.       Carpet cleaning.

I compared the cost of renting or buying a carpet cleaner and cleaning liquids with the cost of hiring a carpet cleaning company. It makes more sense for me to call a carpet cleaner. Kiwi cleaning services come out from time to time to clean our carpets. They have one year warranty on the carpet cleaning: once you spend $88, the rest of the cleanings for a year $4 per room plus $28 travel charge. They use carpet cleaner made from natural ingredients and offer great coupons. In addition, you can use referral code W396927 to get Dupont™ Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector free for one room ($55 value)     However, they only serve Texas, Georgia, and Arizona areas.

On the picture to the right, Kiwi Services just finished cleaning our couches. Good thing washable markers come out easily!

 3.       Window washing.

This is a service worth looking into. I think getting it once a year is more than enough. You could call a couple of companies to come out to your place and give you an estimate first. And then you could decide, if this kind of cleaning is worth for your home. Window cleaning companies also clean chandeliers,  other light fixtures, fans, and mirrors.

 4.       Cleaning Everything else

If you are looking into getting a cleaning service, consider how often you will need it. If once a year, it is easier to hire any maid service you see advertised (usually, most expensive). If once a month, look for family owned or local cleaning services on craigslist, bulletin boards, local newspapers (moderately expensive). If once a week or more, ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations. Cleaning services offered by individuals are surely the least expensive.  Remember to check if they are insured.

5.       Cooking.

I tried to use a meal service. The kind where you come and assemble your own meals for a week or two, and freeze them. Or they can assemble your meals for you. The advantage of such service is indroducing  variety in you dinner plans. You can make meals you have never made before. You will have all the ingredients and explicit directions.

It did not quite work for me though, because I am so controlling over the ingredients.

I think I will rather make meal myself and buy natural frozen dinners for emergencies (Kashi entries and pizzas, Michael Angelo’s, and CedarLane)

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