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Mother’s Guilt Day

My Working Mom’s Guilt went off the scale as I was looking at my Mother’s Day gift from my three year old daughter. Teachers at school interviewed all the children and wrote down the responses.

Here is what I got. It is embarrassing, sad, and funny.

Sometimes I take conference calls at home. Masha knows she needs to be quiet when I am on the call.
Sometimes I have to put a report or a presentation together in the evening. She knows I am working.

What do I do now? Do I try to justify to myself why I have not quit my job? Do I try to work less?

It is the eternal work-life balance question. You know how in every corporation they have a free advisory service just for that. Free brochures, CDs and DVDs about work and life balance are available to all. Should I  call the 800 number to discuss my work-life balance questions? May be. I think I will go make chalk drawings with the girls for now.

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